Robotic Instagram

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Robotic instagram is a free android application  helping you to grow your instagram account

you can send to any instgram account

 Send Likes
 Send Follower s
 Send Comment s
 instagram / story_view s
 instagram / video_view s
 instagram / send_saves

to start getting free instagram followers ,likes ,comments ,videos views,story views

first  of all make a new instagram account and add at least 5 posts

N.B Don not add you main account username and password to any of this app department

just add username of your main instagram account to get followers and story views

to start click on the upper Rt or left menu at the app and choose the section

and watch the video to enter the section

N.B  to get the maximum  open the app daily many times at regulaer intervals

please share this usefull app to your friends and collegues

please download our free app ,share the app with your friends ,and rate the app in the store

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