Learn Mastering Chess

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Learn Mastering Chess is a Free Android App
This free android app is a kind of guide or chess encyclopedia. It will introduce you to the rules and laws of chess and let you work your way of improvement from the level of Beginner to the one of Club Player. 
In the course many chess topics are considered including rules of chess game; methods of playing in opening, middle game and ending; combinational techniques and basic elements of strategy. 
All in all, the course contains a lote of teaching examples and many exercises useful for consolidation of acquired knowledge.
This course is in learning chess and mastering  which is an unprecedented chess teaching method.
In the series are included courses in tactics, strategy, openings, middlegame, and endgame, split by levels from beginners to experienced players, and even professional players.
With the help of this course, you can improve your chess knowledge, learn new tactical tricks and combinations, and consolidate the acquired knowledge into practice.
The app acts as a coach who gives tasks to solve and helps to solve them if you get stuck. It will give you hints, explanations and show you even striking refutation of the mistakes you might make.
the app conatin many sections  like
Lessons ,,Analysis ,Videos , Articles , Openings , Explorer , Puzzles ,  Play , Championships , Chess Kids , Rules , Books , Arabic , 3D Chess
The app also contains a theoretical section, which explains the methods of the game in a certain stage of the game, based on actual examples. The theory is presented in an interactive way, which means you can not only read the text of the lessons, but also to make moves on the board and work out unclear moves on the board.
Advantages of the app:
♔ High quality examples, all double-checked for correctness
♔ You need to enter all key moves, required by the teacher
♔ Different levels of complexity of the tasks
♔ Various goals, which need to be reached in the problems
♔ The app gives hint if an error is made
♔ For typical mistaken moves, the refutation is shown
♔ You can play out any position of the tasks against the computer
♔ Interactive theoretical lessons
♔ The application is adapted to the bigger screen of a tablet
the app will be updated daily with new and fresh contents and sections will be added
please download our free app 
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