Country Code (World Dialing Codes)

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Country Code (World Dialing Codes) Is free android app 
The application helps you to find area code or dialing codes from all countries and regions around the world. 
This application allows you to search by a country name or a town name or even telephone. 
You just have to enter an only country name and the app will show you its country code. 
This application helps you to identify the unknown numbers coming from other countries or 
you can identify messages coming from foreign by just searching its country code. 
Almost all countries within the world in your pocket with the easy and smooth interface for your android devices. 
This application provides you other information like area code, iso Country Code, country capital, country flag, etc. 
The calling number will help you to dialing codes and make long-distance phone calls with your friends, family and business partners around the globe.
Features of Country Code (World Dialing Codes):-
# The calling number will help you to find dialing codes and to make a long-distance phone call with friends, family and business partners all around the globe.
# This application provides you information related to Area code, iso country code, country capital, country flag, currency, etc.
# County code application is a complete guide to call anywhere in the world.
# You do not need to remember the country dialing code or area code.
# This application is compatible with tablets and mobile phones.
# This application uses low memory and consumes low power.
# You can see any country’s time zone using this application.
# Easy user interface, simple and easy to use application.
# This application contains phone codes for all-region.
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