Feso Media player

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Feso Media player is free  a multimedia player that runs on Android, known for its stability, speed and modern design. it supports all formats of videos and sound.
This app is a audio and video player, on your device directly from the app and also play audio and video remotey and locally.
Video Player All Format for free is a powerful media player that supports subtitles. You can play 4K/HD videos with high-quality. It’s also easy to use and has advanced hardware acceleration. Video Player All Format for free is a hd video player that plays your movie and protects your private video.
➤Support all video format
Video Player & Media Player All Format supports almost all video format: 3gp、asf、asx、avi、dat、divx、f4v、flv、m3u8、m4v、mkv、mov、mp4、mpg、mts、ogm、rm、rmvb、swf、ts、vob、webm、wmv. 
Video Player & Media Player All Format for free is the perfect all-in-one media player for you. Download now and watch video through this mini cinema on your phone!
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